Home Staging

A home staging service is a marketing strategy to make the most of your property with aim of selling it as quickly as possible, at the best possible price with minimal investment. 
It take around 90 second when you see a property to get a first impression. Most people cannot see how they can arrange a space and visualize the potential of the house.
Several techniques can be used to maximize the value of your property such as decluterring, depersonalization and the creation of a unique atmosphere that will appeal to potential buyers. We will make sure to create a crush and create a buying impulse for yor property to sell at the best possible price and maximize your investment. 
  • Furniture rental
  • Establishment
  • Minor work tips
  • Choice of colors and materials
  • Depersonalization
  • Photo assitance concept


An empty space will look smaller and buyers are more likely to dwell on the small defects of the property.
With the good furnitures, buyers can see themself live in the space and fall in love with the property.
Choosing the right furnitures for the right room will help give spaces back their vocation.
We can also use existant furnitures and play with accessories or change only some of them to maximize the property potential at a minimum price.


From the outside of the property to the inside, we will take care to withdraw the maximum of your house potential.
Our recommandations will increase the price of the sale and reduce the time of market. The sale price may increase by 10%.
We will create an atmosphere that everyone could fall in love with and feels like home already.